Puppy problems, toilet training, chewing, jumping up and nipping

Help building a bond with a
new dog

Boredom breaks for your dog while you are out

Advice on the best products for
your dog

Clicker training for tricks

Rewarding Paws is owned and run by Mel Thomason. She offers a range of training courses as well as private, one-to-one sessions, always working with positive reinforcement. All dogs of any age and breed are welcomed as are their people.

Benevolent leadership is the ethos of Rewarding Paws and is personified by Mel's calm yet direct manner. Dogs and people alike respond to this method of training and the results can be immediate and long lasting.

Mel does make it clear that having a well behaved dog is not always an easy process and takes commitment and hard work, on a daily basis. Mel is a proud member of professional organisations that take time, passion and dedication to be accepted into. She is committed to continuing to learn, and never being outdated.

So, whether you have a puppy that you want to start on the right track, an adult dog in need of refresher course or a rescue dog with problems, Mel can give you the help and support needed to achieve your goals. Her awards scheme will help you monitor your progress in a fun and unique way, covering everything from obedience, rally, and trick training.

Mel's dog training solutions include:

Training in a group class, on a walk or at your home

Accompany you on walks with adult dogs who misbehave

Free temperament testing of dogs for Pets as Therapy

Training your dog to enjoy trips to the vets

Discounts given for rescue dogs

'I have been a client of Mel's for a number of years and have trained my own dogs, and occasional RSPCA foster pups, with her help.

With previous trainers, I quickly became disillusioned with the whole 'pack' and 'be the pack leader' approach. This seems to me to rely on intimidating your dog, which I simply don't agree with.

Mel believes in treating each dog and owner as individuals and I have seen how positive the results can be. She will do whatever she can in order to accommodate her clients and her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. I always recommend her, and I wouldn't train with anyone else.'

– Tracie Smith

Contact Mel on: 07711 424 431 or: mel@rewardingpaws.co.uk