Rewarding Paws bandanas

Award Scheme

'The dogs wear a bandanna and collect sew on badges for each level of training or achievement.'

'Skipper was a 2 year old Border Collie, with little social training, when he came to live with us. We heard of Rewarding Paws training from our vet.

Since going to Mel's classes, he has become a loveable family dog. Mel's training methods are carried out with kindness and understanding – not only of our dogs, but also giving confidence to their humans. We wholeheartedly recommend them.'

– John & Jean Keane (& Skipper)

For quite some time I have been searching for a way to acknowledge the progress that you make during our training sessions, but have shied away from issuing certificates for the simple reason that they tend to get lost in household paperwork or elsewhere and are soon forgotten.

During my search I came across the Dog Scouts of America and thought they had a great idea, though taken a lot further than I wanted. The dogs wear a bandanna and collect sew on badges for each level of training or achievement.

I have therefore created the Rewarding Paws award scheme based on the Dog Scouts premise. A one off membership fee of £10 will be charged for each dog and in return you will receive your bandanna, an outline of the exercises and standards required for each badge (a small charge of £2.50 will be applied for each badge when achieved).

Please let me know if you would be interested in joining and if you have an idea of which badge you would like to work towards first.

1. Three badges will be awarded for all the obedience exercises we do in class, (basic, less basic and harder) following a very rough outline of the kennel clubs good citizen scheme, but with an extra option on each level if they are carried out in the real world, rather than at the class venue.

2. Three badges will be awarded for different levels of Rally, correctly completing courses of varying difficulty.

3. Three badges will be awarded for completing standards within trick training.

4. One badge will be awarded for overcoming a particular behaviour problem.

I really hope the bandanas will be worn with pride and help to spread the word about training your dog and the great results that can be achieved.

You are still welcome to come and complete the classes without joining this scheme. It is not compulsory.

Contact Mel on: 07711 424 431 or: