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Happy Dogs

'I can help you learn about how dogs think and what they need'

First Steps

Before you get your dog, thoroughly research your chosen breed. If you pick a retriever be prepared for it wanting to retrieve, if you choose a sight hound be prepared for it to chase things in the distance, if you decide on a collie, realise what it will need to keep it occupied. Pick a breed that matches your lifestyle so you can both stay happy.

Choosing the right dog and starting training straight away gives you the best chance of being able to reward your dog for being a rewarding dog.


The majority of behaviour problems can be helped/cured or managed with a good understanding of why the dog is doing what it does. I can help you learn about how dogs think, what their body language is saying and how to keep your dog at a level that means they can concentrate and learn.

Mental stimulation, making meal times interesting and suitable physical exercise can sometimes be all that is needed to calm and focus dogs. General training, clicker work and using a dogs nose in scent-work are all brilliant ways of engaging and having fun with your dog. A fulfilled dog will sleep peacefully and be less inclined to get into trouble. Please ask Mel how you can achieve this.

The more you do with your dog, the more you will both benefit, having said that please ask Mel about the five minute a day training challenge!

Poppy's Story

Poppy is one of 2014's bigger behaviour challenges and success stories, going from reacting to all people and dogs when she was on lead, to having a trip to the beach for a fun day out, staying calm and under control.

Read Poppy's story here.

'I wanted to drop you a line to say, I am bowled over at the positive impact the group classes had on Elke's outlook. Working in close proximity to other dogs has done wonders for her confidence. Thank you.'

– Thea & Elke