Happy Dogs

'I can help you learn about how dogs think'

First Steps

Before you get your dog, thoroughly research your chosen breed. If you pick a retriever be prepared for it wanting to retrieve, if you choose a sight hound be prepared for it to chase things in the distance, if you decide on a collie, realise what it will need to keep it occupied.

Choosing the right dog and starting training straight away gives you the best chance of being able to reward your dog for being a rewarding dog.


The majority of behaviour problems can be helped/cured or managed with a good understanding of why the dog is doing what it does. I can help you learn about how dogs think, what their body language is saying and how to keep your dog at a level that means they can still concentrate.

A dog that is too stressed or excited will not be able to focus on you or listen to what is being asked of it. However with careful planning they can learn to cope and offer different more appropriate behaviours in these situations.

'I wanted to drop you a line to say, I am bowled over at the positive impact the group classes had on Elke's outlook. Working in close proximity to other dogs has done wonders for her confidence. Thank you.'

– Thea & Elke

I have very limited availability currently for behaviour problems, however please do call to discuss your needs.

Real world classes

It has long been scientifically known that dogs are scenario learners, if you teach them to sit in the kitchen they will understand that when you say sit in the kitchen, if they put their bottom on the floor, they will get a reward.


However if you then ask the dog to sit at the kerb side, they probably will have no idea what you are expecting them to do. This is partly due to the scenario, but also to the dogs state of mind.


In the calm of the kitchen it's much easier to concentrate than in the excitement of the road side. What a dog learns when it's calm, it can repeat when it's calm, what a dog learns when it's more excited, it can do in an excited state and also in a calm state of mind. It also doesn't really need saying that dogs that are rewarded for doing things well, rather than punishing them for not getting it right, learn much quicker and more effectively.


The concept of real life classes is that the scenario is always changing, so this becomes the norm from day one. We incorporate different types of rewards, have lots of fun and you have a dog that will listen and respond to you where ever you are.



Contact Mel on: 07711 424 431 or: mel@rewardingpaws.co.uk