Dog training is fun!

'Help to develop mutual respect without fear, and improve the bond between dog and owner.'

My Methods and Beliefs

As a dog trainer I believe in benevolent leadership. This means putting yourself in the position of being looked to for direction, setting suitable limits and guidelines so that your dog knows what is expected of it.

It is all about trust that you will take care and control of your dog's life. I do believe you need to be in control of your dogs resources (food, toys and games). This will help to develop mutual respect without fear, and improve the bond between dog and owner.

A dog that is allowed to graze on food all day long or demand a game of tug at any point, will not respond to toys or treats as a reward for any training you wish to do.

I do NOT believe in the dominance theory or in rank reduction programs. Most of these systems stem from observations of captive wolves which act very differently from wild wolves.

Captive wolves do develop a hierarchy within the pack but this is not a natural occurrence. I am not a wolf and neither are my dogs, I treat them with trust, love and yes boundaries.

They do test me occasionally (just like children do with their parents) but I would rather have that than a robot dog who is too scared to show emotion.

Dogs do not understand the English language they need consistency, guidelines and positive training to be able to learn what we expect of them.

If you want a dog trainer in Ely or Chatteris that only uses modern effective methods when training dogs, puppies, rescue dogs and owners then please get in touch.

'We were recommended to go to Mel for help training our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as we had specific needs for him, as there is a member of the family whom is disabled.

We had two home visits, which were very productive, Mel was very happy to work with our children so they could be involved in the training, but also to contact national organisation’s for advice.

We also attended group classes, which I found to be very helpful and extremely good fun to work in a group setting.

Mel has a very calm demeanor whilst teaching which helped to install confidence in our ability to train a puppy. I would and have recommended Mel to others.'

– Emma & Toby

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