Terms and Conditions

Mel Thomason is the sole trader of Rewarding Paws. Her decision regarding training is final. At times there may be assistants helping, who should all be treated with respect. No abuse or bad language will be tolerated at any time.

To comply with the law, please ensure your dog has a well-fitting flat collar and tag.

No choke, pinch, prong, or shock collars will be allowed. Flexi leads are also strongly discouraged.

You must clean up after your dog, so please bring poo bags with you.

All dogs must have had at a minimum all puppy vaccinations to be able to attend classes.

Rewarding paws charges are payable by cash, or bank transfer, in advance or at the time of training. We have the right to refuse to train your dogs if funds have not cleared.

All classes are booked as a six week course, one class of a course can be missed if you inform me in advance, this is then carried over to the end of the course, any other missed weeks will be lost.

The deposit is required to secure your place on your first course of classes.

You, the customer, will inform Rewarding Paws of any behaviour trait that may affect the training or handling of the dog.

Only force free methods will be allowed, any hitting or form of physical punishment, etc. will not be allowed.

Emailed reports will only be sent out after the first home visit, and this will generally be within 24 hours of the visit.

Rewarding Paws holds combined liability insurance with Cliverton Insurance company, Mel Thomason has also been CRB checked.

You the customer will provide Rewarding Paws with one weeks notice of cancellation for any training.

Cancelling within 24 hours of a booked session, will incur a fee of 50%.

Prices are based on a 10 mile radius of CB6 2QU, petrol will be charged for any visits over that.

Refunds are rarely given and will be at the discretion of Mel Thomason. Her decision is final.

Owners of bitches in heat must inform Mel immediately and will not be able to attend classes until this is over.

If your dog is ill, with any symptoms, especially coughing, vomiting or diarrhoea you must inform Rewarding Paws as soon as possible.

Rewarding Paws can refuse entry to anyone considered to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Rewarding Paws has the right to amend prices and terms without prior warning, though we will aim to give 14 days notice where possible.

As part of the booking procedure you are encouraged to read and accept these terms and conditions, so thank you for doing so.

Contact Mel on: 07711 424 431 or: mel@rewardingpaws.co.uk